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Film and photographs from previous Manx Classic and Three Hills Challenge events

As seen on YouTube:

Bray Hill 2008 (there's a whole series of related clips)

The Sloc 2008 (a series of Caterham footage from 2008)

Caterham R500 - onboard footage - Lhergy Frissell in 2008

Camaro at the Manx Classic


The photos on the flickr page below are a small selection from the 2008 Manx Classic event, showing the Sloc and the Lhergy Frissell climbs.

Many thanks to Paul Hardiman for the use of his photographs on the Flickr pages. All photographs are available from Paul, please contact him direct (tel: 07770 502221) for further information.

View images of previous Manx Motor Racing Club events on our Old Flickr Site